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AIGA Small Talks

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AIGA Small Talks

I have long been an active member within AIGA and the Austin creative community. Years ago, I was introduced to AIGA by my school’s student group, eventually became the student group president, and instantly realized this amazing opportunity to surround myself with like-minded individuals who could give me access to a local community of happenings and events.

Fast forward to today and I find myself more involved with the creative community as I have ever been. I was extremely appreciative to get involved with AIGA’s Small Talks series. The lecture series features local talent demonstrating their areas of expertise and why that makes them successful. More specifically, the series looks to open doors to digital shops which generally are smaller in scale to traditional design and advertising firms, so the event itself would be very intimate and focused.

When my presenter, Cameron Miller and I sat down, we discussed all the various projects we had undertaken at our agency. After a fair bit of brainstorming, we decided that the traditional means of presenting a project from start to finish, explaining UX and UI decisions, etc. would be far too conventional. We really wanted to make our agency stand out for all its cultural merits, coming up with far-fetched presentations methods ranging from a back-n-forth presentation style, spoofs on popular entertainment culture, and ways to leverage tech we had in the office. We eventually decided to focus on an internal Valentine's Day promotional project, it is a true representation of how dynamic and concurrently our team works to reach a final goal.

The experience itself was odd. On one hand, I’ve attended countless lecture and found myself in awe of the many speakers who’ve graced me with their experiences, yet here, we were the ones presenting from an authoritative, knowledgeable position. I had never pictured myself presenting work to a paying, captive audience, or at least, no where in my near future.

Overall, the night turned out fantastic. The event itself sold out in less than 8 hours of posting on Facebook - a new record for an AIGA event - and we had far more people in attendance than who had RSVP’d. Most importantly, I feel our presentation was able to really get the message out about the kind of work being created so as to open the door to future opportunities in collaborating with the local creative community.

a special thank you to  the bakery  for hosting the event

a special thank you to the bakery for hosting the event

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Maddeningly intelligent, insatiably work hungry, and uniquely diverse, Cameron is a man who sees the world through a different set of holographic lenses. His deep love for concept, design, technology and how the world works is evident with every conversation. Not to be out-done, Cameron is also a master of the comedic arts, a karaoke superstar, and the pied-piper of all things dog.  

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