Design Ranch 2016

Design Ranch 2016

Random nuggets I experienced while at Design Ranch.

People are people. We all have our flaws and mistakes. We all have our uniquely endowed gifts. We yearn, dream, aspire, feel, grow and we fear, second-guess, shrink, etc. 

“Don’t listen to your head, listen to your heart instead. As soon as you hear your head telling you something stop because it’s only creating doubt. Only listen to what your heart is telling you.”
- Hong ko, design director

During workshops I had no time to stop and think. I only had one class of roughly 4 hours with a design bad ass who’s openly sharing with you their craft’s soul. And in that time you only get one chance to make something. With woodworking, linograph, ceramics and paint, there is no going back, if you make a mistake, you either work it into the solution or pivot onto something else. There is no time to dwell or question. You can ask for advice but in the end, it has to come from within. Sometimes those mistakes can be happy mistakes while other times you simply accept them and move on.

“Sometimes it’s just fun to see what you can do in a short time.”
-Denton watts, linograph workshop leader

I never understood the idea of making or experimenting for the sake of it. My brain is so hardwired into thinking that every process needs an output. Much of this probably comes from having parents who worked in manufacturing and production where a hard day’s work equated into a physical manifestation of an item or service rendered. But that was a large portion of our workshops - simply experimenting and feeling our way through things until we come to a desirable end point that we choose. 

Workshop Art

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