Clorox Pool & Spa

When it’s pool season and the temperature rises, the last thing anyone wants to think about is pool maintenance. Our team aimed to simplify that process by introducing new tools and features to ease the burden of pool owners with smart, timely and informed product recommendations.


On Clorox Pool & Spa, I served as an UI Designer. Through the project, I worked closely with my UX lead as we transformed wireframes and complex business requirements into actionable visual solutions. I then took those designs and collaborated with our Front End developers, making sure to relay all interaction and animation notes through both open communication and highly detailed annotations.

We were able to introduce new tools and features that gave the customer a better overall experience and a means to make pool maintenance an easy effort. We introduced Liquid Testing, converting a real life product, Clorox 3-Way Liquid Test Kit, into a working feature within the app, complete with test results that offered up users simple and easy treatment plans. Additionally, we introduced My Pool Plan, which gave users completely customizable, timely reminders on pool maintenance based on the customer’s Pool Profile based on pool volume, type, finish, and so forth.

clorox_app_screen 1-color.png
clorox_web calendar.png
clorox_app_screen 2-color.png

Our efforts were a great success. We empowered our customers with new tools to make managing their pool maintenance much easier. We streamlined processes and functions within the app to make finding solutions a breeze with product recommendations and ease-of-use buying options. Our team made it so that customers spent less time maintaining their pool and more time actually enjoying it.

clorox_app_screen photo.png