Dribe is a completely new way to drive a car in Denmark. It’s launch is the culmination of end-to-end brand and product design through the efforts of large international business, tech and design teams. From concept to deployment, I served as an UI Designer to help assure Dribe was a truly a new, unique experience in itself.


Dribe’s biggest challenge involved giving a multi-million dollar startup its training wheels. There is a massive need in the Danish market for such a service as the average Danish driver spends nearly 200% of the sticker price on car ownership. Dribe helps cut that cost significantly with its fleet of cars and membership programs. 

Planning & Development

dribe_UX 2.png

Our team kicked off the engagement with a few weeks of research, working hand-in-hand with our Danish counter parts in long planning and discovery sessions. In this time, we unearthed complex business requirements while taking into account advanced tech specs which helped our team laser focus on solutions using creative means.

During our discovery, I created moodboards and countless UI concepts to help narrow down and define the visual direction keeping in mind Danish style and sensibilities. This resulted in some really fantastic ideas that would become the framework for the overall direction.


Execution & Deployment

These discussions informed our initial app maps, wireframes and gave us plenty to think about when it came to initial UI-concepts. With this being a new product, the roadway ahead was paved clear with opportunity. We took full advantage of it by using a React Native platform, thus pushing the limits of our development and design teams.

As an UI Designer, I worked with my Creative Director, UX and UI leads to develop a visual system that was sustainable and scalable as the product itself would stretch across various B2C, B2B and portal-based platforms. I was able to help develop our icon and component systems while working closely with our Front End developers & UX designers. Additionally, I was able to heavily inform and influence the overall illustration direction with research and suggestions provided to our marketing partners.

dribe_components 2.png
dribe_app screens 2.png
dribe_app screens 3.png

As an added bonus, I was tasked with creating our team's launch shirt. The greatest joy here was to see the faces of my teammates and partners in Denmark as we unveiled an expressive and empowering illustration which people could wear as a symbol of pride.

Friends & Contributors


Mutual Mobile Dribe Team

In order to succeed, it took a large group of individuals coming together to achieve one goal. Throughout the project, I was able to work hand-in-hand with cross-discipline teams ranging from project management, account services, front--end and back-end development, quality control engineers and IT technicians.


Orlando Ramirez (Creative Director)
Ruidi Tan (UX Lead)
Sean Dellis (UX)
Eric White (UI Lead)
Danny Garcia (Animation)

Anthony Silva
Alex Wasner
Dan Murrell
Dan Nichols
David Dulak
DJ Karasek
Gil Pratte
Ernesto Torres
Jasdeep Saini
John Lomma
Matt Howitt
Mat Mullen
Michael Murad
Mitchell Westmoreland
Zach Shipley

Account Management
Brooks Rhinehart
Rus Byse

Project Managers
Becca DeJean
Ben Rusczek
Rob Trotter
Ron Parungao
Tony Moreno

Quality Assurance
Kunal Parashar
Priya Kokku
Shruti Agrawal
Vissnu Priya Sae Gogulakrishnan