Traditional Illustration

Illustration is one of my earliest passions. I can't recall how many hours I spent at my parent's living room table drawing characters, cartoons, critters and other creations that don't start with a "c". Not having access to a computer until I was in high school assured that my imagination and pen and paper were my only distractions.

Through it all, I gained the most love for traditional hand-rendered illustration styles. I pull inspirations from everything illustration: classic illustrators like Ed Emberly and Dr. Seuss, the masters like Leonardo and Michelangelo, cartoon and animation from Tex Avery to Disney, comic book love for Jim Lee and Jack Kirby, to my modern heroes like Steve Simpson and CSA Images.

My dream is to draw for a living, and I'm living it. 

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  Collaboration with    Edgar Briseño

Collaboration with Edgar Briseño